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Marketing Promotions For Internal Products

Gerardo Altman shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

The goal is to be able to offer additional items during the check out process for visitors from our/ your own product/ service base.

Example workflow:

Shared hosting purchase > prior to the check out portion of the cart we should be able to display a product/ service from our catalogue that the visitor can simply click on and add to cart instead of rummaging through the catalogue and needing to manually add to cart as most people don't know what should or could go with their product/ service purchase.

i.e. 1 Shared Hosting Package > Check Out > Offer of an SSL Certificate

i.e. 2 Shared Hosting Package > Check Out > O365 or other email service etc

i.e. 3 Shared Hosting Package > Check Out > anything from our catalogue as an additional option.

this process should be as simple as ticking a box in the Admin area > products and services > select product > Edit > Promotion TAB > use multi select list to enable up-sell/ offer in cart check out.

Should be displayed on the same screen/ page in the shopping cart as add-on/ configurable options lower down the page or on the following page before checkout sub total/ total.