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Chance invoice payment method to match transaction payment method

Tonya shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We have to manually add bank transfer payments to our billing system.

In the invoice, in the Transactions all the information is correct. But on the top right

of the invoice, it indicates PayPal as a payment

method (or any other method used by the client), which is quite confusing. So in order to have the correct information displayed, before adding payment we have to modify the invoice as well.

It would be nice if when manually adding a payment, the correct information in the whole invoice is displayed straight away without further invoice modification.

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I just submitted this as a BUG this week. I was told this is "intended behavior" -- that making a manual payment does not change the original Payment Method when the invoice was generated. Hmmm... Why would you want to document the payment as "PayPal" when the customer pays by mailing a "Check"? What is the benefit of documenting incorrect data? I love WHMCS, but things like this make me shake my head sometimes.


P.S. Thank you for the "work around" that you mentioned. By first editing the invoice (under the Options tab for that invoice) and changing the Payment Method), you can then Add Payment and have this all work correctly.