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Sell all cPanel Store licenses via cPanel License Module

Quentin Pelletier shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

This is for the new WHMCS cPanel Licensing Module. You can only manage one type of license in this module.

There are many other types of licenses not covered by this module including cPanel addon licenses such as:

  • Cloudlinux
  • Kernelcare

  • Jetbackup

We usually sell at least one of these addon licenses in addition to cPanel licenses. Managing them in two separate places is a pain.

WHMCS cPanel Licensing Module does pull these licenses in from Manage2 and display them in the "Licenses" tab as well as their package in the "Packages" tab. It even gives you the option to assign that license to a product manually, but doesn't allow you to create a configurable option and pricing for them.

The proposal:

Allow creation of a group for other manage2 licenses, and allow the price to be managed in the same way, just grey out anything related to autoscale.

Allow it to be assigned to products (Dedicated/VPS) in addition the actual cPanel licenses.

The business case is that it would ease the selling of licenses and potentially result in higher conversions for license sales.

For us users, it would mean it's easier to give customers what they want and not have to manage licenses in two places.

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I agree with this idea and I think only need a little effort to make it happen