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Make email field OPTIONAL when adding new client (very important for non-internet companies)

WHMCS Chance shared this idea 4 years ago
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I own and operate a local tree service company that decided to use WHMCS based on a recommendation from a friend who formerly used it for a web hosting and development firm. WHMCS fit all my needs and was priced very affordably so I purchased a lifetime license.

Having said that, there is an unanticipated issue I've been experiencing as a business owner of a non-internet-related company. I don't get an email address from most of my clients who call in (and some of them are very old people and don't even use email), so it's hard for me to create new client accounts sometimes because the email field is mandatory -- and I don't always have something to put there.

When clients fill out the free estimate form on the website, we get the emails from those people. But for almost everyone else, we have the problem of not having their email address yet being forced to put in a fake email just so we can create an account for them in the client management system (WHMCS).

So on behalf of myself and every other business owner with a non-internet business, I am requested a simple feature addition on WHMCS that makes the client email optional. That's it. :-)

If a staff member could respond to this request it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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We'd love to see what other customers feel about this request. One of the issues with an optional setting for not requiring email is that many systems in WHMCS rely on the email address of a client - in fact, the email address of a client is one of the primary ways WHMCS keeps track of unique clients.


Why not create a subdomain like "clientemail.yourdomain.com" and them signup the customer as "[email protected]"? You could them create a cathall and discard all the mails.


I am in favor of this option and I'm going through the same situation. Please implement this.

I signed up on the site just to speak it!


The whole unique email is a bit outdated.

We have one customer that has multiple separate companies for billing (4 of them), but the invoice needs to be send to the same email address, since their administration is centralised (not uncommon for bigger companies)

I really see no reason why you would want to enforce a unique email, for what?

For us this is a serious issue, and leads to fake emails address that are bounced.


I just want to be able to overide the email requirement only if i create an acount as an admin.