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Limited Currencies for Determined Product Groups

Jorge Ljubich shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I have noted that it's possible to limit gateways for determined product groups.

I would like to have same feature for product groups.

We have some products that are only sold in USD, but not in other currencies; such as ARS. We would like to force their prices to, ea. $7.50 USD in shopping cart despite user default currency or selected one. We are currently getting $0,00 ARS.

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per product currency will really be a good idea for non usd stores. where some products need to be sold in usd , so that even if the client is using default currency like INR, from backend , admins have to update those specific product prices in USD only, which will be converted and shown to the end user in the currency of his choice.

Definitely something must wanted


Yes, i need that features. Right now i sell in non USD, but i need some product sold in USD only.