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limit credit card attempts

wendy wear shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

many merchants get charged for declined transactions .. therefor it would be prudent to have an option to limit the number of times a charge can be attempted if it returns a decline response.


max attempts: 3

retry interval: 24 [hours]

send alert to admin: yes/no

this would still allow the customer to come back after the retry interval and try their card in case they didn't have enough funds available or some other legitimate reason.. and the alert email would allow the merchant to address a potential issue with the client

Comments (2)


Often times a "customer" will place an order and attempt with several credit cards until one goes through. I think this feature would be extremely helpful for us to prevent these issues.


For me, this is an anti-fraud issue. I'm not receiving dozens of fraudulent signup attempts per day, with each signup attempting at least 5 different card numbers. They are using my signup process to test their stolen credit cards it seems.

My fix, unfortunately involves modifying the signup order, hooking into the "cart" display, and having a completely separate ajax script that checks the IP address (using the maxmind.com service) for the source country, then compares the billing state to the IP state. If there is a mismatch, then I'm going to be using an SMS gateway to send a PIN code as an extra anti-fraud step.

What an incredible pain to have to setup. But alas, that appears to be what I'm stuck doing at this point.