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Licensing Addon Product Upgrade

Seb shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We are offering products with multiple license options at different prices (for example, starter, pro, unlimited).

We use the licesne prefix to determine which kind of license it is in our product, which works fine.

However, there is a scenario where a customer wants to upgrade the license. While an upgrade can be ordered, the license key remains the same. If I terminate the license manually and run the create command, it fails because the license is still present in the SQL table mod_licensing.

So in my opinion two things should change:

1. When terminating a license-based product, the license should be removed from the mod_licensing table

2. When upgrading a product, the license should be terminated and recreated automatically

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Hi Seb,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I understand that you're using different licence key prefixes to differentiate between service tiers, so changing the licence key prefix when changing between products is necessary.

If this were to be changed automatically, could this mean that the client's service is stopped until they enter the new licence key issued during the upgrade process?

The way we handle this scenario is by using the productname or productid values which are available in the licence check to determine which tier the client has. That way the licence key would not need to change.


I like this idea. This is what I use on my website bestphpscripts.com I do Dev- Monthly- Owned- and Trial-

I would like to know how WHMCS does certain things to distinguish allowed # of clients, etc. That's kind of neat. Would be neat if someone made a product that used clients for example and offered different tiers of allowed number.


Hi John, indeed using the product name or id makes more sense.

So I will change my implementation and not make use of the license prefixes.

However, I still believe that when terminating a product, the license should disappear from the mod_licensing table.


Seb, if you need assistance, send me a PM. You can contact me at http://clients.bestphpscripts.com and I can help you with the licensing system :) I've coded it to handle license upgrades, and allowing it to be done automatically. For Terminations, you would click Revoke License, and that removes the key from the database :)