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Licensing Addon - Multi Domain License - Not Unlimited Domains

Jack shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


As of now, we can limit by domains in 2 ways,

Single Domain License, and Unlimited Domain License, We just use the option, Allow Domain Conflict to have unlimited domain/multi domain license,

But what will we do if we needs to allow the installation on 3 domains or 5 domains? There is no options, it will be great we we have any such option. When doing this, it will be great if we have some options like users be able to enter what # of domains they need and with respect to that, the price will auto calculate, for this, we can also define something at product configuration that, 1 to 5 Domain 0% discount, something like that, just thinking of making this addon better to use in wide products.

NOTE: X Domain license, product order adding, need api field to define # of domain support.