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IPv6 For Licensing

Gabriel Boutin shared this idea 6 months ago
Already Possible


As IPv4's are to be forgotten about, as less and less are available, I find it very important that WHMCS put's IPv6 upfront.

As of right now, we have to contact support to add our IPv6 to our licence. If that could be automatic, that would be great.

Also, it would be nice if there was an alert in system health if ipv6 is not enabled.

The global transition to V6 starts by IT providers, and WHMCS is the platform for a huge amount of IT and Cloud providers.


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Hi there,

WHMCS is written in PHP so doesn't do IP address detection itself, it comes form PHP's SERVER_ADDR variables. So provided your PHP configuration is IPv6 aware, then WHMCS' licensing will be too.


John, please consider to change the tag "Already Possible" as the issue is not the IPv6 Address itself, that works.

The issue is when you run WHMCS on a dual stack where license calls are coming randomly from IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


The Addon works for IPv6 and for IPv4 but not with both at the same time. A server with dual stack will certainly have troubles when it comes to validate as license validation request are coming in randomly, with IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

The Licensing Addon is a great tool and you should take in consideration to add support for dual stack