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Invoice URL merge field

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Similar to the {$invoice_link} merge field, an invoice_url option would be incredibly helpful when implementing HTML-powered emails with features such as a button to view the invoice.


  1. <a href="{$invoice_url}">Click Here</a>

could produce

  1. <a href="http://mywhmcsurl/viewinvoice.php?ID=123">Click Here</a>

whereas currently

  1. <a href="{$invoice_link}">Click Here</a>


  1. <a href="<a href="http://mywhmcsurl/viewinvoice.php?ID=123">http://mywhmcsurl/viewinvoice.php?ID=123</a>">Click Here</a>

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I don't know why this is not included already... It's a must to create custom buttons.