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Separate View and Edit Invoice privileges

Max Maksimov shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

It is vital to business operations to have separate admin privileges for invoices. Currently the Manage Invoices admin privilege in WHMCS is used for both viewing and managing invoices. There needs to be 2 separate privileges for that.

I've opened up a feature request 4 years ago on this issue but unable to comment or check status on it because it is archived:


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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. The previous request was archived due to low interest. Hopefully this time there will be more demand for this idea, and we will be pleased to consider it if so!


This is critical because of the easy fraud potential


It does need to be merged with the other topic Garth posted because this was already posted 5 years ago and vouched by many! How is this still not fixed!?!?!? Please WHMCS, please take this seriously. Contact me if you have any questions as to why.