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Invoice cancellation message

Willo vd Merwe shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We often find cancelled invoices in a client's account and have no idea how that invoice came to be cancelled. It will help a lot if any cancellation. including mass/automatic cancellations, adds an audit message which can be viewed when viewing the invoice.

For instance, the client might have cancelled the order, or issued a manual renewal order which might cause an automatic invoice to be cancelled. We also periodically cancel invoices due for longer than 30 days, but as this is manual mistakes do creep in. In other instances clients forget that they requested an invoice cancelled.

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Hi Willlo,

Thanks for your suggestion. Currently invoice cancellations are logged in the Activity Log. Entries pertaining to the specific client in question can be accessed via the client's "Log" tab.

There is already a lot of information on the invoice page, so adding any extra information needs to be carefully considered. Is there a partoicualr format which would work for your team?