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Integration with Wave Accounting

Eric Caldwell shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be fantastic to integrate (via their API) with Wave Accounting - http://www.waveaccounting.com

Fantastic free accounting system. This would save TONS of time with exports to quickbooks and other issues people have. Wave also has a free payroll system now to boot for those looking for a way to have payroll integrated with accounting. Would solve another request here.

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We created a CSV Wave report that currently allows exporting of Paid Invoice and Transactions Fees in a Wave supported structure, but ran into issues with WHMCS not allowing us to program the export in a way that removes the first row A1 (as required by Wave)

Is anyone interested in this? if so I'll create a feature request asking them to fix the "bug" so we can release our app.

It's working internally but we are forced to open the CSV and delete the empty 1st row. We also summited our app to Wave for consideration into their API so we can update our app to push to Wave automatically.


I am also very interested in this idea. If not, hopefully someone will create a module for this :)


As am i!