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Improve Customer Experience for Editing WHOIS Data (Contact Information)

ScottN shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

With ICANN requiring registrars to send annual notifications to domain owners, asking them to review and confirm the accuracy of their WHOIS contact data... more and more customers are logging into WHMCS to adjust their WHOIS data for their domains.

I'd like to propose the following two improvements to the customer experience when editing WHOIS data (i.e. the domain's Contact Information area) in WHMCS:

1) Offer the ability to COPY data for one area, to the other two. For example, allow the customer to copy the Registrant data to Admin and/or Tech contact data. Perhaps two radio buttons above each area "Copy From Admin" and "Copy from Tech" might be above Registrant. This should immediately (via javascript?) copy the contents so the customer can see the change.

2) When using the "Use existing account contact" dropdown... when the customer chooses it, this should also immediately pull that contact data and place it into the form, so the customer can see the data is accurate before saving.

Thanks for listening!

- Scott