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if client deposit credit and un-used. give them some interest for giving advance credit. (like paypal giving interest for funds)

Daniel Lee shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

if WHMCS can help us more like a bank or paypal, that'll be great. Godaddy has something similar but no interest, but if someone send me a check for advance. they'll give 2% credit on top of their check, i think it's call golden rules for godaddy.

but i want to be more like paypal, where if you have funds in their account and without withdrawing it, there is some kind of interest. doesn't have to be much, but anything helps in this competitive world.

maybe WHMCS can be the next paypal. which is just a vertical integration what an accounting system should offer. may ERP software can calculate loan/credit interest for their supply chain.

or even for us to take on risky customers if they need a loan on service, but without advance payment, we can charge them interest. (e.g. need more server, HD, CPU, RAM, bandwidth) instead of purchasing additional, it can be act as a loan.


or like some provider (dreamhost) give client rewards (free HD spaces) for staying with them for X amount of years. so has rollover effect, so client whom stay longer will get more benefit vs move his service somewhere else.

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