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I wish WHMCS was TWICE as expensive

Hanan Wilson shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

If WHMCS can do what they do for us based on what they charge now, would it not stand to reason that they could do much more if given more operating income? And if you consider how important this software is to running our businesses (just put a value on the time saved by the automated billing and domain renewals features alone) who wouldn't be willing to pay 50% or even 100% more to get improvements and new features with higher frequency?

Seriously folks, if we each paid another $20 a month just imagine where this product could be in a year.

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it would be exactly where it is.. they would be getting more money.


This is another of those requests that benefit the current users by cutting down on the number of future users. This is something that has been said many times and i have to be honest, most of those posts have been very self serving, this appears (i could be wrong) to be another of those.

I know, a better idea, Why not get rid of all Leased licensing, Make them all owned and increase the annual updates and support fees.

If you had even the most remote idea of the scale that whmcs reach is you would see that this request isnt needed, they are already making enough money to cover future development of the product, why do you think they have implemented a faster update process of only weeks instead of months? they would not have done this if it wasnt viable financially.



I think the fact that WHMCS is at a great price is what makes it most attractive compared to all of its competition. If the costs were to go up by 50 or 100% I think customers would consider looking elsewhere. This would be the case for the smaller companies which must count for a large number of WHMCS sales.

The guys have got a really great thing going and are still constantly but steadily developing the software. Say the did jump the prices, they would either just have more money yet the software would be the same. Else they might hire more developers and add 1001 things to WHMCS.A sudden growth may not do all that good.

- Grant.


I think this is a ridiculous idea, they may get more income from existing clients but people will be less likely to purchase a new license because it's expensive! I am sure they thought of their price and if they need more money they'll make it more expensive.