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Health widget and email notification about critical issues

Gijs van der Velden shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

I've noticed that the health page shows a warning when cronjobs haven't run for more than one day.

This obviously causes production issues like not generating invoices and thus is critical to the correct operation of WHMCS.

We need to be informed about such critical issues as soon as possible, they shouldn't be hidden away on some page under the help menu.

My proposal is:

1. send an email if critical problems occur.

2. show a warning message in the admin area about such critical issues.

3. give the option to check if the warning is still valid or if the issue has been resolved.

4. give the option to dismiss a warning for a certain period (e.g. 2

hours) (should be optional, e.g. super admin/management can decide if

other admins/engineers have the permission to dismiss the warning for

themself. Also have the option to view and restore dismissed warnings.)

n.b. warnings should be items that are absolutely critical for correct functionality of WHMCS, so we shouldn't receive warnings which do not require immediate attention. (e.g. Your configuration file is writeable)

Additionally an optional widget for the admin area about health/system status and important issues that require attention would be very welcome.

We should have the options to change the categories we receive notifications about as well as dismiss a certain warning.

E.g. maybe we want to config file to be writable, or maybe a support engineer is not interested in warnings about WHMCS but only about issues with provisioning and terminating of services.

This could be used for options which are not critical but are still important and which require attention (e.g. Your configuration file is writable, cronjob errors like Manual Terminate Required, or issues with provisioning of a service)

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Great idea! Seems like something that should be really standard. Maybe we can get more support for this.