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gocardless improvements - charge date

cyberhostpro shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration


If an invoice is generated on 1st April and its due 1st May. The customer sets up a direct debit on the 2nd April so its paid in time before their domain name expires. In Gocardless the "charge date" is set to 1st May. We would like this changed so it will charge ASAP.

It would also be good in the gocardless gateway options to allow it to submit direct debits X days before due date (X being configured by the whmcs admin) to avoid domain names from expiring if its not marked as paid until several days after due date.

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Agreed! At the moment the date of the payment which is submitted to GoCardless is the Due Date.

It should be changed so that the charge date is 2 days before the due date (or the earliest next possible date if the due date is within the next 2 days)

With the charge date set to the due date, we don't receive the payment confirmation from GoCardless until the day after the invoice was due, meaning that the invoice is already marked as overdue, but its not due to the fault of the client as we're still waiting for the response from the bank. In addition some times even if the payment appears to clear, the bank can still reverse it until the next day, hence why we should wait 2 days for the funds to fully clear.

I operate on a "cleared funds" basis. So even if the client has initiated payment, unless I have the funds (either in GoCardless, PayPal, Bank Account, etc.) then to me the invoice is still unpaid. Once I can see the payment confirmed in the gateway, only then am I happy to continue with any service provision or renewal.


Second this suggestion, the current implementation is not fit for purpose.

The charging early for Gocardless payment can be achieved through an action hook. We do this, but due to the charge_date being set to the invoice due date, it kind of makes it less useful.


Agreed we need the option to submit xx days before due date as Go Cardless payment take time to process. If a clients invoice is due 1st Sept and not billed until the 1st sept probably won't be paid until around the 5th. This means delay in receiving payment for us and won't make the clients accounting easier either.