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Fixed term of contract duration and no term contract with minimal period

niko shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We sell telecom products to our customers and not only hosting services.

We need to have a function to let our sales team or customer when a place and order with the portal, choose the duration of contract (for example 12 months or 36 months) and make a specific pricing if he choose for example 36 months.

When the period of engagement is terminate, we need to let the contract continue if the customer dont make choice of contract termination and define a specific period (for example 6 months) to next possibility of contract termination. It's the "no term contract with minimal period of engagement" that we need.

If the customer need to terminate the contract before end of period, we need to apply flat fees with % of pricing or all the months due between request of termination and date of end of contract.

For an individual customer, the french law (loi chatel) need specific terms for providers as us :

  1. 24 months of contract maximum
  2. Possibility to terminate before 24 months with only 4 months pay to close the contract

But the problem also about the last point is that when the customer register, he cant choose category (individual, company,...) on the form. Maybe it's really interesting if WHCMS team could add this features on the next release.