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Allow attachment filenames which contain no Latin characters

Punyawee Srisuchat shared this idea 12 months ago
Under Consideration

When I upload a file (Thai file name) via support ticket in WHMCS the file can be upload but it cannot be shown. Please allow attachment filenames that contain no Latin characters.

Thank you.

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Hi Punyawee,

Thanks for your suggestion.

At present a filename does need to contain at-least one Latin character or a number (a-z, 0-9). This is to ensure compatibility with all file-systems and input sanitation to prevent malicious content in filenames being submitted.

In the past we have posited the idea of assigning randomly generated filenames to attachments and storing the original name in a database table instead. How would you feel about that?


John, solution based on randomly generated filenames will be awesome!

I think that it's good compromise between usability and security.



The best thing will be to see the original file name with the none Latin characters - as far as I know any other ticket system allow it without any compatibility problem with all file-systems etc.

But I guess that having the option to not strip the file name is something that you are not considering (There is an old feature request: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/allow-russian-and-other-not-latin-names-in-attachement-filenames 5 years ago + my ticket from 20th Jul 2015 - #IUY-612713) - so in the meantime having the option to assigning randomly generated filenames so we will be able to easily open the file directly from WHMCS - it's a good start.

You mentioned something about storing the original name in a database table - will it be accessible via the ticket?

So the filename it self will be randomly generated + there will be a tooltip pr any other way to see the original file name directly from the ticket?

If so (randomly generated filename + see the original filename directly from the ticket) - this is a good compromise.

Hopefully you will add it soon.