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File Locations - User New Customizations Settings - Auto Upgrade Ability

Warren shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

While I understand the logic, and admire the recommendations in the WHMCS documentation for moving some files/sets of files outside the WHMCS directory, and also renaming the WHMCS directory etc, these can be challenging to implement for some users, and can if one is not careful cause grief when upgrading to the next or future versions of WHMCS.

It is suggested that WHMCS incorporate these suggestions of it's own for all such matters, into the actual design of the WHMCS application, in the next version. For example, (and in addition):

1. On Upgrade/install ask the user for a 'folder name' for the WHMCS installation, and allow the folder to be craeted by WHMCS if it does not already exist.

1.a Include a feature (with option to ignore it) to help customers migrate their existing WHMCS on upgrade from the existing use of the folder named WHMCS (to help them comply with WHMCS additional steps recommendations), by asking them to input a new folder name, have the application create that folder if it does not exist, then on behalf of the customers create all the required re-directs in cpanel for the customer to effect the change to the new admin folder location.

2. Do the same for any other folder(s) for such thinsg as corn jobs etc, etc.

3. Have WHMCS track the names/locations of such folders in the WHMCS database / configuration.php file, for use in future upgrades, to make them more 'customer proof'. This will make life easier at upgrade time for customers and the WHMCS Help Desk as less things will 'go wrong'.

4. In keeping with the above, have a separate folder for 'custom templates', with the folder name asked for by the application, and tracked by it etc for future upgrades. This way if a user places their custom template(s) in this folder, there is less chance of them being over written at time of upgrade, etc.

5. Add a template customization menu to the general Settings menu in WHMCS, which will allow for some simple customizations, such as page colors (with some color choices and a colour picker) for background/title bars/ and a few such things, plus the addition of an optional custom secondary menu bar which can hold some customer names menus and maybe even submenus. The user would simply tick the optional box t have it show or not, then enter the menu name in the input box and the link path for it in the link input box. This would be stored int eh WHMCS database in a new table, perhaps called 'custom_menu_table', along with the on/off value for display or not.

6. Add to WHMCS, the ability to display the custom logo on the admin panel login page vice the default one. This would perhaps mean a on/off setting on the General settings page or in the above customization (point 5), with a field to place the path for such, or simply to use (call) the company logo already set elsewhere for use in whmcs by the user.

7. Update WHMCS documentation on Cron jobs to reflect Ver 6 new paths in examples/videos etc.

8. Include an 'auto-upgrade' optional feature (with option in General settings to yes/no 'auto upgrade' defaulted to 'yes'), which would allow every WHMCS installation to upgrade itself when new versions are released. This would greatly increase security of WHMCS installations by keeping most if not all of them up to date, with no effort required on the part of the customers! It would also preserve user customizations settings (made using above new options), custom temnplates, folder names/locations etc.

I hope these are of some use, and my apologies if they have already been suggested elsewhere.

Best regards