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Expose Smarty Object

Mark Koza shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

We would like to see the Smarty object exposed as a fully accessable object within the templating process in order to have full control of the Smarty templating environment.

At present accessor methods are used via the WHMCS_ClientArea object, which only allow access to a very restricted set of Smarty features when creating custom pages.

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Can you provide some examples of what it is you are looking to be able to achieve here with the Smarty object?


I would also like to get access to the Smarty-object mainly in admin modules.

Right now we instantiate a new Smarty object, but that requires us to set config like templates_dir and compile_dir.

Ideally we want to get a copy/instance of the Smarty object with same config as whmcs uses.