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Export Product/Service Custom Fields as they are and Import in another product/service to save time

Richard Jones shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Have it where we can export a list of all the custom field values however necessary, just for code to be able to import that list into another product, so it is easy to add the same custom fields to another product without having to add one new custom field at a time and copy data over. saving us time.

So it would export some type of list, maybe comma delimited, and whatever it is even json code, we then go to the other product, click into the custom fields and click an import button and paste that code right into it, and hit save, then it would build out that entire set of custom fields with all the same descriptions, everything.

Boom, done that easy.

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Thanks for your suggestion. When a product is duplicated, all the custom field configuration will be duplicated too.

To duplicate a product, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services and click the "Duplicate a Product" button.

Does that meet your requirements?