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Exclude Credit Application By Product

Nick Rosener shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I often have clients that have multiple products with me. A typical client has the following:

1.) Website Projects paid as an invoice item.

2.) Prepaid time, paid as an add funds invoice.

3.) Recurring web hosting, done as a product.

Often, I would like clients to be able to have credit saved up in the bank that they can apply to hourly consults (done as billable time), and simultaneously have the monthly bill for web hosting still bill their card and account even if they have credit available.

Some clients even tell me, do the $35 monthly bill on credit card auto pay, but I want to send a check for your service bills.

It would be great to be able to exclude certain products from having credit applied to them. It would also be great to exclude certain products from being automatically billed, while having others auto billed.

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I so much would like to see a feature where the client has the ability to select which product/service would be included in the auto credit application against invoices for that product/service. Right now as of today, there's just one option and this available for admins only, to tick whether a client's credit should be auto-applied to generated invoices or not.