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Exclude companies: VAT MOSS

Peter Bin shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


The VAT MOSS rule is only for private customers and not business customers. This means it is not allowed to apply the VAT MOSS rule to business customers. WHMCS should recognise this and do not apply the VAT rule for the country of the business customer.

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Quick fix: change vat_moss.php in /modules/reports and add a

"AND tblclients.taxexempt=0"

right after the line "WHERE (tblinvoices.tax > 0 OR tblinvoices.tax2 > 0)"

This should exclude any client which has a tax exempt flag set. WHMCS do this after successful verifying the VAT ID. If you have a company that has not enter this ID (and thus has no tax exempt flag set), it must be treated like a private customer.