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eWay Rapid 3.0

host1164 shared this idea 7 years ago
Already Possible

eWay Rapid 3.0 support would provide a payment gateway module with lessened PCI requirements,

while allowing for tokenized payments to be made on a recurring basis.

Card details are entered on a form in a given site, and then posted directly to eWay.

There is an eWay tokens module currently available, but the card details still "graze" the hosting server before being sent to the payment gateway.

Using Rapid 3.0 interfaces would allow tokenized payments to be made, allow recurring payments, lessen PCi requirements, and allow for transactions in AUD (Australian Dollars).


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Still not seeing this as an available option in 5.3.x


Still can't see this in v6 --> Any updates?


Note Now that this has been implemented, I have created a new Idea - to get it enhanced.

Please see and vote for: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/eway-token-payments-enhancements-to-module-needed