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Escalate a ticket based on the date\time the ticket was opened (for SLA etc)

ramf shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


We need a way to escalate a ticket based on the date\time the ticket was opened.

Now we can set an Support Ticket Escalations based on Minutes Since Last Reply - we need the same thing but for Minutes/hours Since the ticket was opened (not instead of the Minutes Since Last Reply).


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I would go further:

we have different SLAs with different answer-times to tickets. I would therefore like a way to set ticket escalation rules linked to specific client-groups.


Adding the option to check or uncheck on which day escalation emails should be send would be great.

Currently during holidays and weekend, our customers who submit a support ticket will receive notifications during the weekend and holidays. I don't mind if they have a SLA. But for customers who don't, it's just sloppy.