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Ensure a static currency amount for multi-currency affiliate programs

paperweight shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

So my WHMCS installation uses USD and JPY for user payments.

In the affiliate system, I give each user USD25.00 when they signup as an affiliate and then 10% of each subsequent sale.

However, for JPY users I want to give them JPY3000 upon signup and also 10% of each sale.

I understand that USD is default and USD25.00 will always be static, but my JPY users can't see a static JPY3000. Instead they see the daily conversion of USD->JPY (which today is about JPY2950).

Is there a method to ensure the JPY users will also have a static JPY3000 upon signup?

I understand some of the forex problems creating static numbers for each currency can create (i.e. users could possibly arbitrage my system to generate millions of dollars on the forex changes), but I am unconcerned about that currently.

My goal is to be able to set static figures for the initial amounts a USD and a JPY user are granted upon affiliate signup. How can this be done?