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eNom module "Tick this box to use the default Enom nameservers for new domain registrations"

David Askew shared this idea 3 years ago
Already Possible

Clients who register domains through eNom without hosting are pointed to our hosting nameservers which have no record for them as they have no hosting account. Therefore they will just get an error when trying to load the domain.

It would be better if they were automatically pointed to eNom's nameservers without hosting. This way they can automatically be pointed to our domain parking page we have setup as a URL frame within our eNom account:


Then it's visual confirmation the domain is registered. WHMCS should also override this and point it to our web hosting nameservers if they order hosting. Which it currently doesn't.

A way around this is creating a catch-all on our nameservers but that's not a great idea, just a work around which isn't recommended.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

When a standalone domain order is placed, the nameservers specified under Setup > General Settings > Domains tab are used. Therefore you could specify eNom's nameservers here to achieve the desired outcome.


Hi John,

I don't believe this is already possible as we don't just use eNom. We also use Nominet to register all our UK domains. These shouldn't be pointed to eNom's servers. We set these to our own. We need the ability to be for eNom only not system-wide for all registrars.

Thank you.


Hi David,

Your feature request specifically mentions only the eNom module. If you'd like to see a setting which could apply to multiple registrar modules I invite you to submit a new request to cover that scenario.