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Enhance EPP Code Release & Delivery configuration [eNom module]

netx shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Addon module: Domain Registrars - eNom | EPP Code enhancement

Currently, the only EPP Code configuration available is on a TLD each domain pricing level under Admin Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing -> Domains/TLDS with an “EPP Code” checkbox to be selected if an EPP code is required for transfers or not. Additionally, an EPP code can be sent from Admin -> Clients -> Domain Registrations -> {Domain name} -> on "Get EPP Code" which once clicked on it pops-up a window nicely asking “Request EPP Code: Are you sure you want to send the EPP Code request to the registrar?” with options “Yes” or “No” to confirm it.

However, this type of pop-up confirmation window is not available for the client since the EPP code gets released and sent automatically via email once a client clicks on the "Get EPP Code" within Client Area -> Domains -> Manage menu. I would like to suggest and request for this "EPP Code" release and delivery process and configuration options to be enhanced as following:

  • Add "EPP Code” configuration option either under Admin -> General Settings -> Domains tab or under Admin -> Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars -> eNom module -> Configure
  • New “EPP Code” configurable options:

  1. EPP Code required for

    a) “ALL” TLDs

    b) “Selected” TLDs

    c) “NONE” (Disabled)

    {This would avoid need to select individual TLDs every time a new TLD is added if Admin’s desired need is to always have “ALL“ or “NONE” TLDs require an EPP code}

  2. If above “EPP Code” option is set as either “ALL” or “Selected” then an additional “Release/Request Method” configuration options to be enabled and required to select:

    a) “Automatic” EPP Code release (Release EPP code and send email automatically)

    b) “Manual” to request a Support Department to release the EPP Code manually to a client (ability to select a Support Department or type in an email address that would be used once client chooses to request to get an EPP code (see #3 below) with ticket subject set to “EPP Code Request”, etc.

    c) "Custom EPP Code Info/Instructions” text to be added and displayed on client’s “EPP Code Request” page (see #3a below)

  3. If above “EPP Code” option is set as either “ALL” or “Selected”, a client would get enabled "Get EPP Code" menu option under the Client Area -> Domains -> Manage menu to be enhanced once a client would click on it:

    a) A new “EPP Code Request” page gets accessed and displayed on the right side panel

    b) Name of Domain name

    c) Content of "Custom EPP Code Info/Instructions” text is displayed on page (see above #2c)

    d) Display a question “Are you sure you want to send the EPP Code request to the registrar?” on page with options “Yes” or “No” buttons (plus perhaps add "Ask Support for Additional Info" button) for a client to confirm it.

Thank you in advance for taking my suggestion and this request into consideration in order to improve this EPP code release and delivery process by adding those valuable configuration options.

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>Are you sure you want to send the EPP Code request to the registrar?

contains an 'error' and should be "to the Registrant"- it's never sent to the registrar !

(athough tld/registrar dependant it may actually go to the admin contact)

As to you option (1) this makes little sense as the functionality currently in WHMCS is correct - epp's are on a domian type by domain type basis, it's not a "universal" option or even one by registrar