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Enable product descriptions in quotes

Sean Davis shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

When we prepare quotes for clients, we can only add the product name qty , price and discount. We are not able to add the product description. Most of the time, the client asks is more about the product we are quoting, which is normally in the description. Can you please add this to the quotes PDF or at least allow us to add a field in there which does pull through the product description so when we send quotes we can send product descriptions at the same time.

I know we can do this manually, per product but it makes the whole thing too slow.

Please add the product description to the quotes PDF so clients can get more information about the product we are quoting, thanks.

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Hi there,

It would really help if this feature can be added, or at least just let us know how it can be added to the Quote template (.tpl) file.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


I have to agree with Divan here. It would be great if you could just have a checkbox in the add product to quote that would say "Include Product Description" and have it insert that instead of the title of the product. Clients want to know what they are buying in detail now and it can take a lot of time to re-type this information for each quote. In the future maybe even have a tab for quotes where you can enter a bullet point list that will get inserted into the quote.


This would really really be a good feature to add