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Enable invoice cron email throttling to avoid getting blacklisted or blocked

ETT shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Would like to see an option to throttle or queue the system/invoice emails, such as spreading them out over a 12 hour period, to avoid triggering spam filters.

We send out invoices on the same day each month. This results in a large number of emails going out all at once.Some email providers, like Yahoo, see this as a spam flood, and may block some of the emails.So clients may not receive their invoice.A throttle or invoice queue option would help avoid triggering spam filters.


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Yes I think is also important because another reason. If you currently create a marketing rule where you send an automated email lets say 5 days after a new client signs up. If you apply that rule and you currently have 1000 clients, this system will automatically send 1000 emails because it will see that most clients are registered more than 5 days ago an this system tries to catch up to that.


Sometimes we need to send an email notification to a largish group of users. We can easily select the clients, load a saved notification email, and send it. And off they indeed do go - all at once )-:

BTW I'm writing for my client Alexander Wagandt, whi has 3 WHMCS licenses.