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enable custom field for the payment gateway.

Jonathan Lewis shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

on the payment page, instead of having the credit card fields, i would like to process a check and need the routing number and account number fields (or any other custom fields), to match an ACH transaction.

currently the only fields are:

# Card Details

$cardtype = $params['cardtype'];

$cardnumber = $params['cardnum'];

$cardexpiry = $params['cardexp']; # Format: MMYY

$cardstart = $params['cardstart']; # Format: MMYY

$cardissuenum = $params['cardissuenum’];

I would like to also add ACH transaction no just CC.

Attached is an image of what i mean.

As myself like to run ACH transaction more than Credit card ones as they are cheaper to process all across the board (avoiding the 2-4% merchant fees).

Thank you,

Jonathan L.