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Email Marketer,Mass Mail Tool & Mailchimp Affiliates Filter

D9Hosting shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We would find it very useful if we had a way to send mass emails to all clients that had activated an affiliate account on our WHMCS installation.

At present we have no way of directly contacting our affiliates.

To implement this I would suggest any (or all) of the following options:

1. For the mass mail tool, add a new "Affiliate" email type. This would create a new email list and would include anyone who had activated an affiliate account.

2. For the email marketer tool you could use the same system as above, and give us an "Affiliate" email type that would allow us to send mail to anyone with an affiliate account.

3. The 3rd option would be to integrate this with the existing WHMCS Mailchimp addon. I would suggest having a new list set up in Mailchimp specifically for affiliates to be added to. There should be an option to import existing affiliates and then going forward anytime an affiliate account is activated a hook can be used to add the new affiliate to the mailing list.