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Editing billing information on checkout

truls1502 shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Since I can not find any options on WHMCS settings where would let me to allow my client to change the "billing information" on checkout if they just for example had forgot to update their new address on the account.

I have tested this today and during on checkout, the account information is indeed locked. Today's fast way to do this is to have the client to edit their details. For example to click on Hello [username] at the top right, the first option that pops up is edit account details. Once this is done, they can click on their cart, and then checkout. This process is unfortunately the longest way by my experience and obviously, this is not the most desirable way to do this, unfortunately, this is the only way at this time today.

It would be easiest if WHMCS let me give the opportunity to allow the clients to able to update for example the new address already on checkout and thereafter this will update automatic on their profile without having to do the longest way.

Please let us allow the client to edit their billing information already on checkout, thanks! :)

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Not allowing clients to update their contact information during checkout is causing frustration and additional support. Please correct this issue.