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Domain Pricing Slab to be extended to Products/Services

Mesh Networks shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

With domains we can select a different pricing option for resellers. I would also like to have one of my Products available to resellers at a lower price, but at the moment there is only one pricing structure.

It would make life easier if the Pricing Slab option was also available to all Products/Services

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My company would definitely find great value in this, as well. +1



we can set different domain pricing slab based Client group. its very easy & more useful to me. please try with that


I sent a ticket for WHMCS's team but they can't resolved.

  1. Hello.

    Thank you for your reply but in my case can't use promotions code.

    Because promotion code can be apply for all clients but i want:

    - Some customers have big number of income will have lower price in new order or renew.

    - Value of discount doesn't same for all products or services.

    Scenario where I'm want to apply are:

    With Client Group A:

    Discount 30% for hosting, 10% for VPS for new order and renew with all Billing Cycle.

    With Client Group B:

    Discount 35% for hosting, 13% for VPS for new order and renew with all Billing Cycle.

    But when i add Client Group. I can set one value of discount for all.

    Please help me how to do its? Or can you tell me which module can be do for me?

    Thank you.

Please add this function to next update of WHMCS's version.


This would provide awesome flexibility to creating special prize structures for different client groups. We've been asking for this feature for the last 2 years.


yes agree.


This feature would be great if natively supported. Please consider this idea asap!!