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Display Stripe errors to clients

v1ktor shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Right now when there's an error during checkout or when client adds credit card in "manage credit card", Stripe module displays a generic error and says to contact support.

The Stripe error response already includes an actual description of an error:

error => Your card's security code is incorrect.

Can you please display this error to the client at the time when error occurs? This will eliminate multiple tickets from clients asking about the error, and it will help save sales that might be abandoned because client gets frustrated entering credit card and getting error.

Your module already tracks Stripe's error response to display generic error, so all you have to do is return or echo error description to the client. A quick fix that will help save a lot of lost money!

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That true


This would be extremely helpful...if this is already logged in the error log, I see no reason why this couldn't be passed to the front end - like a variable in either a language file or a front end tpl.


Would love to see this integrated, get a lot of customers with failed payments due to declines/zip code issues that would be resolved a lot quicker if customer was told when paying.