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Discount on next upcoming invoice via the credit system

Telforce shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

So let's say i have a client who had a complaint. I promised this client on his next invoice. So what i do is i add Credit via the client summery page. Then the day when the invoice is generated the discount is applied AFTER the total invoice amount INCLUDING tax has been generated.

Ergo, the client pays tax over an amount that i promised that would not have to be paid.

I contacted support about this and this is what they said:

  1. Hi,
  2. I got a call from a client last week and i promised him that he would not be billed. The service he would be billed for was 1 phone call for the amount of 1 euro and 50 cents.
  3. So i added 1,50 credit to his account last week but today the invoice was generated and he had to pay 1,50 + 32 cents tax and then the 1,50 credit was subtracted so now he only has to pay 32 cents in tax over a service he didn't use.
  4. Isn't this the wrong way of subtracting a credit? Should this not be subtracted first and then calculate the tax to be paid?
  5. Hello Dennis,
  6. Thank you for contacting WHMCS.
  7. WHMCS is designed to apply the credit to the Invoice total, not the sub-total. This means that the credit will applied after tax is added.
  8. This is because when a customer generates an Add Funds invoice to add credit to their account that invoice is tax free. This ensures that customers are not taxed twice or are not taxed at all.
  9. The system doesn't natively offer to change this behavior, however this would make a great feature request. I've done some looking and I'm not seeing any existing requests similar to this. We we welcome feature requests on our Request System at https://requests.whmcs.com/
  10. Additionally you may find that this is something that a third-party developer has already developed and made available on our AppStore. You can review our AppStore at http://www.whmcs.com/appstore
  11. Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist with.
  12. Best Regards,
  13. Nathan Lierbo
  14. Technical Analyst

So my suggestion as a feature is to create an option 'Discount on next invoice' or add an option to the Manage Credits menu to apply the credits before tax is calculated.