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Disable overdue emails or send overdue notices after X days for specific invoices

Kalpesh Bhula shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We use WHMCS as our CRM system and we use it for two different types of services:

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Web Development Services

For the Web Hosting service, the options for sending overdue notices by default are fine. Overdue notices are sent 1 day, 3 days and a final after 5 days. That's our setup, at least.

However, for our Web Development Services the jobs are large and span over a few months. So we send part payment invoices every month. We would invoice on the last day of the month with the due date of 20th the next month.

We don't want to send an overdue notice the next day for these invoices, because companies we deal with take a couple days to pay or the bank requires a day or two to clear the payment. By this time, they receive a notice or two and we have to explain it's all okay when they question the email. It makes us look bad in their eyes.


- either disable overdue notices PER invoice or:

- be able to set a custom day when a notice is sent after the due date PER invoice.

Some customers we disable all overdue notices and we have to manually send a notice; but this includes web hosting invoices (if they have this service with us) as well.

We see the process to handle the two types of service being different.

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I'd like to bump this up if I may.. :)