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Disable domain configuration from checkout process

Juanzo shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Ideally the order process should be easier, and we though hiding the domain configuration screen during the checkout process should help things out.

Clients might not know what DNS management or ID protection are, it could reduce a step during the checkout and would still allow clients to enable them later through their client area.

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Keep in mind, that clients may need to accept special terms for domains or need to confirm that they have a residence in a special country for some domain. (see /includes/additionaldomainfields.php) You can reduce the calls to domain config, if you tick DNS management as default. You need to change the template for that but it is working. (at least for us).


I think even taking it a step further....it would be nice to be able to configure the domain addons in like a product bundle in admin and set it to required or excluded. Once that is set for certain tld's and product bundles or groups, then the checkout domain configuration page would be skipped and it could go right to the checkout with or without the features. This would just be for certain products/bundles/groups though. Because some scenarios you just want to add/exclude those features for certain customers buying certain products.