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Deployment: trigger license reissue process via API

Alexander shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We think the manual license renewal does not fit in a modern deployment process.


Our WHMCS code is in a private repository under version control (github, bitbucket, etc). We can easily track chagned files on updates. After pushing our changes back to bitbucket, a deployment process is triggered.

The current version is pulled in a releases directory, with the current timestamp (e.g. /releases/20160103201323) and will be linked to the public_html folder.

Here is the mess: the license has the "valid directory" which points to the releases directory with the timestamp. Since directory changes on every deploy, the license becomes invalid.

At the time being, we must manually log into the client area and hit the button for reissuing the license. This becomes cumbersome if you actively work on templates and other things.

So please add this trigger to the external api, that we can reissue the license programmatically on every deploy.