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Default Template Standardisation

Hamish Palmer shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

The default WHMCS template is poorly designed, the WHMCS developers decided to use Bootstrap in late 2011... nothing wrong with this, aside from the fact that it has not been updated since, and the developers obviously did not have a clear understanding of Bootstrap, and have gone with a mix of custom CSS/JS and Bootstrap CSS which should not be the case at all.

Since then there has been a huge number of updates and improvements to Bootstrap, but the WHMCS default template remains the same... I have been through most of the tpl files, and they appear to be poorly coded with some strange design decisions.Examples:

- WHMCS utilises Bootstrap which has many aspects, like forms and navbars. WHMCS has chosen to create their own Navbar CSS.

- Order forms like the Slider have again gone with using different form elements, when what is supplied with Bootstrap is actually better. Example is the buy now button, why style this differently and have more CSS than is required? Not to mention we then have conflicting styles in the same site.

- WHMCS functions, like changing domain contacts, are ugly and hard to use... forms stacked on top of each other, with terrible link placement and styling, and for some very strange reason WHMCS developers have implemented their own layout styles rather than just using the 12 span system provided with Bootstrap.All that I am asking is the default template is overhauled, any custom elements such as the strange width navbar with rounded edges, custom spans, incorrect message divs, order form sliders etc are all re-done so that it is Bootstrap and only Bootstrap. Give those of us who want to customise our own templates at least a good starting point so we can edit 1 Bootstrap or custom CSS sheet, and know that a change to a button or form element will affect the entire site.In my opinion, Bootstrap should be modular, we should be able to drop new versions of bootstrap CSS or JS into our assets folder, and continue with minimal disruption. We are seeing a lack of interest from WHMCS in keeping their product fresh and clean.Standardise your default template WHMCS, if you use Bootstrap, then use it in its entirety... do not give us a half and half solution. Please do not take this as destructive feedback, we are just looking for some sort of web standard, even if it is not Bootstrap but Foundation by Zurb or whatever... it does not matter to us, but knowing Bootstrap and knowing that is what the default WHMCS is built on, will save us and our developers a fair bit of time... especially with your proposed new 6 week update cycle.