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Default nameservers per registrar

Sinisa Burina shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


It would be useful to have the possibility to configure different default nameservers for every registrar.

The logic:

- if the domain is ordered together with hosting service and hosting server has default nameservers configured, take hosting server's default nameservers;

- otherwise, if the domain is ordered alone and the registrar has default nameservers configured, take registrar's nameservers (enabling DNS management to function out of the box);

- otherwise take WHMCS-wide default nameservers.

At order time, users should be able to make a simple selection of nameservers group (a select box: Default Hosting, Default Parking, Custom Nameservers), and get the appropriate NS fields populated automatically based on selected TLD and whether the order contains hosting or not.

Please? :)

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...if this is considered...

we use one registrar for .ca registrations which would be great to use our .ca name servers and all the others should use our .com name servers for example