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Dashboard warning of omitted addons

Mark Krieger shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I ran into the problem that WHMCS decided to not run an addon because it deemed it not compatible with the current PHP/ionCube version.

Now - apart from the fact that it was compatible, the bigger problem is that I didn't notice for a while since it was part of an automated background system.

So I would suggest if WHMCS skips executing addons/files that there be a huge red warning in the dashboard so the admins can see what part of their system all of a sudden doesn't get executed any more.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

WHMCS does not currently skip loading of modules in any circumstances. But they might fail to operate due to an ionCube error if the environment is unable to decode or execute the files. Monitoring the successful operation of after-market customisations would be responsibility of the addon vendor themselves.

The Utilities > System > PHP Compatibility tool can be used to evaluate the likely ionCube compatibility of your WHMCS installation (including after-market modules) on your environment with different PHP versions.

WHMCS does skip the loading of action hooks or admin widgets which are evaluated to likely to fail due to ionCube incompatibility. Such instances are recorded in the Utilities > Logs > Activity Log, and by extension in the Activity widget on the admin dashboard page.

If your after-market addon incorporates an action hook, that specific part of it could potentially be skipped to avoid an error. I think it might be the latter which you'd like to highlight on the admin dashboard?


Oh . Just noticed I didn't reply yet. Yes, highlighting addons that won't be given the chance to use the hooks is what I am looking for.