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Customer changes historical log

Toki shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I'm a bit impressed that a hosting customer manager system like WHMCS is missing something very important and very much needed for security, auditing and customer care.

A log record about customers details changed on account...

Currently when a customer updates contact or account details, WHMCS just sends you an email and thats it. Gone for ever...

This is extremely bad. Bad on WHMCS side. If a customer rep needs to see what changes where made for a profile on a specific date of last month, he can't. If someone makes fraud and updates his details, unless someone starts to look that email he will not notice the changes either.

If someone signs up with valid details, then decide not to pay anymore along the way and updates accounts with fake details, again nothing is recorded for account collections. Fake data !!!

I find it a bit strange, shocking and concerning that WHMCS is not logging this changes anywhere and allows this type of customer data tampering. A simple SQL table would do it, and then allow to see this changes in the logs under the customer profile in the admin side. WHMCS has logs even for other things so why logs about something this important is missing?

What is more shocking is that all other systems I tried before WHMCS have this, even very cheap ones, they all had a logs when customers made changes to their contact details and you could see the new and old changes.

WHMCS is missing something very basic and to be honest this should be a priority. I cannot even imagine how WHMCS does this today with their own customers or how WHMCS customers do it with their users. Do they have an inbox they never delete and save all customers changed details notifications? What a mess.

WHMCS should log this type of customer changes into the database. This is a highly needed feature for any billing systems, in particular one that advertises itself as a hosting billing system where fraud is something that happens every day and where you need to audit account changes since most services in this industry are per agreement and so you need to be able to find out the initial order details or if the account holders where passing the account around other people.

Please implement this for all the things I said before, customer care, auditing and of course security !!!