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SimplyDigitalHosting shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

This is something I feel is simple to implement but could work wonders and cut down the need for a hacky addon module with a custom entry-point script.

Right now we can post to api.php or run localAPI. We should be able to as developers have like an add_api_function($id, $functionName) From here it would pass the values given via post or array so we could do actions and then return an array back to be returned to the calling localAPI or outputted via requested format to the web page (api.php).

This would allow so much extensibility and possibilities, its not even funny.

As for the "default" internal API's, you can allow an override or have a check to prevent it, which ever you developer's feel is best.

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In WHMCS there are predefined fields in return array() which are not available in our system like transaction_ID, rawdata, status. We have made our own API and its working with all other plugins. Can we modify it so that it will help us not to modify our API. Let me know if you need anything.