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Custom Forms

Sean shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Looking for the ability to create custom forms. We have a need for a couple of them and then I saw how WHMCS implemented them with their ticket system.

It would be best if it was implemented in an open way so users could be creative with how they use them.

There should be Form types.

Ticket, Account, Product, Registration

Use case (registration/ account). We would like a process to accept affiliates, it would be great if we could generate custom registration form where we could add extra fields that would correlate to the user account. We would be able to grab payout information/ tax documents.

Use case (product). For some of our managed hosting product's, we would like to collect a bunch of information. The amount of information needed would almost be overwhelming if those fields were on the actual order form. It would be great if there were a link that could be generated for a customer's purchased product. It could be sent via e-mail. or be made available in the user portal associated with the product.

Use Case (Ticket). What WHMCS has looks pretty useful, custom fields associated with tickets.

Custom Form Feature Ideas:

Dependent fields... For example, if you have a drop down field with other option. If other was chosen would reveal the other text field below to fill in.

Some basic design features like form sections, dividers, headers, subheadings, text blocks, to provide description and instruction for filling out the fields

Custom form themes, so users could generate the look and feel of forms. For example, someone could generate stepped forms that might step through each form section as a user fills it out.

Form sessions that could save a form so a client could come back to fill out the form at a later time.

Make it possible to embed forms in the user portal, or generate URL that are public or require login