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Create project templates

Grant O'Neill shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Apart from just duplicating an existing project, it should be possible to create projects two ways:

1. From an existing project, click a button "Save as project template". This would create a copy of the original project, minus any comments, file uploads, etc, and the copy is clearly marked as a template. It can still be edited and saved, but never appears on any project list or report etc.

2. Go to a Templates section to either create a new template or copy an existing one. The interface and process would be almost identical to creating a new project manually from the main projects page, but no assigned client or due date etc. This again would be fully editable but never appears anywhere but in templates.

When starting a new project, there would be an initial question as to whether it should be a blank project, or "Create from a template".