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Create an Alexa Skill for WHMCS

Lewis shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like WHMCS to create an Alexa Skill, for both admins and customers to get information.
There are many examples of what this could be used for, from getting basic service information, to announcements, to change emails, account information, etc.

For Customers:
"When is my next invoice due?",
"Can you order a 1gb VPS for me?",
"Has my last support ticket been replied to?",
"Is my VPS online?"

For Admins:
"How much have we earned this month",
"How much have we earned through paypal/2checkout this month",
"Can you create a 1gb vps order for the client FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME",
"How many support tickets are open (AND WHO MADE THEM)"?
"Who created the last open support ticket?"

This is just a starter of were this type of feature would go, but it would be a good idea to integrate WHMCS with home automation technology and help admins and customers get easy reminders.