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Configurable Package Addon - GB vs MB Quantities

CData shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Presently, this addon does not allow hosts to sell "Disk Space" or "Bandwidth" in GB using "Quantity", (cPanel, for example, uses MB for these values). The problem with MB is, that we can't charge less than $0.01 for a MB. This forces us to use rates of $10 per GB, which in todays market is ridiculous. The problem with using "Drop Down" menus instead, is that we have to force them to select one of our presets, and to realistically give them choice, this will have to be a very over-populated drop-down, not to mention the work invested in pricing out dozens and dozens of options.

I have clients who want to choose the size of their storage and bandwidth. It should be straight forward to add another recognised option, like "Disk Space by GB" and "Bandwidth by GB", and then simply do the math in the module so cPanel's MB requirements are satisfied. This would actually make "Quantity" useful for these settings, save me a lot of work, and give my clients the flexibility they want.

Specifying storage and bandwidth by MB may be the way things are done, but selling by MB is out-dated and pointless for most hosts these days. At the very least we should be able to sell MB quantities for fractions of a penny. This is supposed to be an add-on to add flexibility. Make some small changes and make it super flexible.

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WHMCS cannot help that diskspace/bandwidth etc is in MB and not GB. cPanel uses MB so WHMCS will have to do that same.


So let us bill in tenths of a cent. Lots of companies do this. It's easy enough to round up to the nearest cent once the quantities are calculated.